To Nuova Seco there are several machines that allow us to produce a variety of products without having to enlist the help of outside companies. In particular there are 6 horizontal lathes with numerical control turrets, allowing machining diameter up to 800 m with plug spindle diameter 460 mm to 3900 mm length and diameter of the lunettes 150 meters to 7-8 with a bar. We have a vertical lathe with motorized turret / Boring Heels / sander / CEMB balancing / wheel polisher / polisher tape / correction to control Tacchella / work center RMT ISO50 / welding robot Motoman dual station / welding positioner and other conventional machines.
To the testing various products, we have a three-dimensional measuring machine with high precision motorized head for automatic control and a hydraulic power unit for pressure testing of hydraulic cylinders.